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July 5, 2007
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not a fan.....go away!!

"Nii-niisan? where are you?" the raven haired boy cried.
"Whats wrong Sasuke?" the elder brother asked.
"It's that dream again....i can't stand it! make it stop itachi!" sasuke screamed.
Itachi walked over to his crying brother and took him in his arms to comfort him..if only he could understand what was happening in Sasuke's dream.
"Do you want me to sleep with you tonight?" Itachi asked
Sasuke nodded.

The song "arms of a angel" was playing in Sasuke's head...scince Itachi was like a angel to also made him get closer to Itachi to where sasuke was literally right under itachi.
Itachi could only smile. Without warning, Itachi layed a very passionate kiss on Sasuke. "mmmmmmmnh" sasuke moaned, Itachi had him pinned to the bed...just like he wanted. The next thing Itachi did was to slowly take off sasukes clothes plus his own. when he was done with that, his whole intention was on his uke.
itachi went for his weak points in sasukes neck..making him relax a little bit more and then grabbing his member at the same time. "AAHHHH, Niisan..." sasuke said kinda frightened but knowing he loved it. "was i too hard?"
"no, just the second part startled me a lil bit. thats all."
"Oh ok." itachi blushed a little bit.

Itachi shifted downwards and begand to lick/mouth his ukes member. Sasuke loved when Itachi did this..infact he thought he enjoyed this more than anything else. Itachi could feel that sasuke was going to "give" and prepared for it....2 minuted later, bang and it wasn't much but still he took his time licking it off sasukes member. after he was finished, he flipped sasuke over and streched him out with his fingers first, he didn't want to hurt him...when sasuke said that he wasok, itachi went in. sasuke tried not to he cried instead but in his head he was screaming.
"are you ok?'' itachi asked. "y-yeah im okay." he studdered. itachi finished quickly because sasuke was getting more and more emotional.

"what could he possibly have drempt about that would make him this emotional?" Itachi thought in his head.
"if I tell Niisan, he wouln't belive me...for years this dream has been coming and going. what should i do?"

The two layed in each others arms just staring at each other. "should i ask him? maybe i should...but what if he starts to cry again? i wouldn't want that to happen. Dammit i want to know whats wrong.." Itachi pulled Sasuke close to him and said,"No matter what happens between us know this, i will always love you and i will always protect you. Never forget that Sasuke." Itachi said fighting back tears of frustration. Sasuke nodded and hugged Itachi and he hugged back and the two fell asleep together.

YAY my first YAOI FANFIC!!! i think it turned out well ^^
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First one? Nice. Lacks length tho...
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I liked it ^^ spelling was excellent, you could have improved your punctuation and grammer but overall, good job ^^
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omg i LOVE your's so like me...well the squeeing bit is but not my physical feature...i absolutly adore it

where can i get one like that
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i dont remeber were i go it, srry, but look around on deviantart under icons and u shud find somthing. thats how i found it. btw, ur is awesome too.
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thank you

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